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The World Tens Series is a global sports property which launched in Bermuda in October and November 2020.

Seven privately owned franchises competed in Bermuda for the World Tens Series League, played across four rounds where each team played each other twice. The WTS Trophy is the final Series event and is a straight knock-out competition to determine the winner. All seven teams have confirmed their participation in the 2021 Series as has an eighth team out of South America.

2020 was about laying the foundations for the World Tens to prosper, allowing players from across the globe the opportunity to play competitively, in a time where opportunities were more limited, was of high importance. The ownership group is passionate about providing established and emerging athletes with the chance to compete and grow the World Tens Series.

The rules that have been put in place are there to ensure a high-speed product that is entertaining for viewers and fans around the world.



How many players in a squad

Each team will select a squad of 20 players for the Series.

How many players per team

Each team will select a match squad of 16 with no more than 10 players in the playing area during play.

Scoring system

  • Two points for a penalty or drop-goal.
  • Five points for a try.

Conversion points

  • Kick after try is called conversion jeopardy and worth 1 pt, 2 pt, 3 pt or 5 pt depending on the position of the kick.
  • Shot clock for all kicks (45 seconds).
  • Specialist kickers may be used (within 45 seconds).

Match rules

  • Captain’s Challenge for try (one per match). Can only go back two phases to review.
  • Rolling subs.
  • Technical time-out – one per game. Coach or captain to advise. Only the coach can go on the field with the current players on the field.
  • Yellow card = 2 minute in sin bin.
  • Red card = player sent off. Sent off player cannot return but can be replaced after four minutes of play.

Can a match end in a draw

No matches drawn, there will be a kicking shoot out if level at full time.

How long is a match

A match lasts 20 minutes (split into two halves, each of 10 minutes plus time added on).

the world tens series award

the trophy

2020 was the year of great global adversity and challenges for all. It was also the inaugural World Tens Series launch and the year that we proudly introduced the WTS Cup. For years to come, the WTS Cup will be competed for by teams and players from around the world.