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Tiger Rugby

At Tiger Rugby we believe in sport as a vehicle to change lives.

We believe we have the right culture and strategy.

True success is attainable for every one of us, whether it be in elite play or living life to the fullest. #PureRugby

Tiger Rugby started as a touring team in 2007, with the intention of exposing young, up and coming players to the highest level of competition on the international stage. Over the years, we noticed that our approach to the game struck a transcending chord regardless of what language was being spoken. Tiger players have always been selected as much by who they are as people, as well as their ability to play on the field. Tiger intends to continue to develop players who are true ambassadors for the game.


Carinat sports marketing | Marketing partner

A sports marketing company based in Asia with worldwide experience and a global network. Founded in 2008 Carinat Sports Marketing has grown to become a respected and established company with a highly creative and innovative portfolio of sporting rights including event and team ownership.

The Carinat portfolio is now spread across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe & Africa and has seen the brand stage events in some of the most iconic locations in the world such as Mauritius, Singapore, Stellenbosch, Dubai and Hong Kong.

ABOUT THE leadership team

World tens leadership

The World Tens Series leadership team includes individuals from different backgrounds and cultures coming together with a vision to lead rugby forward. The World Tens Series leadership team are passionate sports industry experts with a wealth of experience and they look forward to sharing in the excitement of this new rugby journey.

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