Latest NewsThe World Tens Series Show Continues

The World Tens Series Show Continues


The World Tens Series continues to delight and surprise as the latest evolution in the sport is taking the exciting brand of tens to the US market, in the form of a nation-wide roadshow.

After the exciting launch of the first international Pro Tens league last year in the tropical paradise of Bermuda, the World Tens Series has continued to expand its footprint and grow its fan base even further.

7 international teams competed in the inaugural World Tens Series in Bermuda, and since the launch of league, the fan base and interest to participate has continued to grow since then.

The World Tens Series launched in a time when rugby and global sport was drastically affected by COVID 19. Fans and players alike were starving for some action and the timing of the launch could not have been better.

The World Tens Series instantly generated global interest and with broadcasting taking place across 101 international locations, the World Ten Series planted it’s brand firmly on the international sporting scene.

Most notably was the interest shown by players and fans in the US market. Referred to as the “sleeping giant” in world rugby, the United States’ player and fan base has grown exponentially in the last few seasons.

The Tens format produces a fast-paced action packed style of play, which means that Tens has become the perfect cross-over sport for US developed athletes. With long established football, basketball and other athletic development programs producing world-class athletes every season, the introduction of tens looks like the solution to a saturated athlete market and new opportunity for over looked top-tier athletes.

With the continued growing interest in the US along with the demand to participate in the World Tens Series, the World Tens Series is proud to introduce the WTS Roadshow to this market.  

The WTS Roadshow will include exhibition games with some of the world’s most exciting and recognised stars. Along with the action packed game, the WTS will also be showcasing some of the latest in technology during the event.

“We understand the need for fans to be closer to the game, closer to the teams and experience both of these aspects in new and innovative ways.” says Paul Holmes, World Tens CEO.

“Evolution and innovation are part of the World Tens DNA, and it’s these qualities that push us to deliver a more exciting, engaging and all round more entertaining product for our fans.”

To deliver this, the World Tens Series has partnered with global tech specialist Global Sports Initiatives and Fans XR. As the sports-tech market continues to expand as well as the growing appetite to experience sports in the digital space, the World Tens will be bringing new Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tech to the Tens experience.

Emersed in the action, this new tech will bring spectators closer to game. Close enough to almost feel every tackle, embrace every side-step or even join in every try celebrations.

World Tens Series Head of Marketing, Graham Knoop says, “We’re thrilled to be working with some exciting partners in the sports-tech space. The game has to grow and the product needs to continually evolve, which is why we’re proud to be on the cutting-edge of a new fan experience.”

To add to this already action-packed roadshow, the WTS has partnered with high performance partners Tiger Rugby who will be hosting open combines (public try-outs) for athletes looking to grow their game and take the next step to becoming professionals.

On top of this, the World Tens Series will be offering pro-contracts to stand-out athletes and players with exceptional skill and ability. Tiger rugby has a long standing reputation of turning crossover athletes into rugby and tens stars. Athletes from all athletic backgrounds have successfully made the transition to rugby through the Tiger Rugby development programs.

World Tens will soon be confirming dates and locations of the WTS Roadshow, taking place last quarter of 2021 going to the second quarter of 2022.

The 2020 World Tens Series in Bermuda produced the tag line ‘The Evolution is here”, and with the new tech developments, athletic opportunities, upcoming roadshow and the 2022 Series on the horizon, it’s safe to say that this exciting evolution is indeed here to stay.