Latest NewsRob Vickerman Selects his 2020 tens x team

Rob Vickerman Selects his 2020 tens x team

We recently caught up with World Tens Series commentator Rob Vickerman to reminisce about all things Bermuda – and whilst we were chatting away – we got him to list his ‘Best Ten’ from the 2020 World Tens Series, or as Rob like to call them “Rob’s BermuDAMN Legends.


Api Naikatini (APDs) – “Sounds like a cocktail but he’s built like the bar” some of the deftest touches from a giant of a man.

Vili Tolata’u (APDs) – Never without a smile, always a enjoying himself but don’t let that fool you, playful but tough as they come. A pleasure to watch.

Oscar Ouma (SX10) – The Kenyan breezeblock has so much power in his game. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to see more of him.

Kyle Baillie (Ohio Aviators) – This guy was harder than working out crypto. He had the full range of actions in every minute he played, which I think was all of them.

Rich De Carpentier (London Royals) – Sacrificed his face out in Bermuda, pure grit and determination and was so reliable as the most physical XV’s style player in a largely 7s squad.


Tom Mitchell (London Royals) – The sports car of the sevens world looking so comfortable dictating play at 9 or 10. He and Emery were master puppeteers.

Tomasi Alosio (APDs) – The curator for the Asia Pacific Dragons came to the fore in every game. A classy ball player that had the best work rate out there.

Carl Meyer (Rhinos) – A monstrous boot, but equally as effective in open play as off the tee. 

Willy Ambaka (SX10) – One of the Kenyan big five and you could see why he’s played all over the planet. Defying physics with his size and pace. Frightening in full flight.

Tom Emery (London Royals) – Rising stock in the 7s world, Emery showed he has more than the requirements for Tens. Fast of thought and feet – he was sensational.

Rob has selected three London Royals, three Asia Pacific Dragons, two players from SX10 and there is a representative from Ohio Aviators and Rhinos. Speed, skill and power in abundance, this team could be a serious force.