AwardsKyle Baillie – WTS Cup MVP

Kyle Baillie – WTS Cup MVP

Kyle Baillie rightly walked away with the WTS Cup MVP award on Saturday evening after some brilliant individual performances. 

The hulking Canadian second row was at the heart of a lot of good Aviators work throughout the day, but was frustrated not to get over the line in the final against SX10.

“Speaking for the entire group I think I can say we are all bitterly disappointed with the result.

“We had some really great momentum throughout the day and even in the final we had it in our own hands up until half-time.

“Unfortunately, things just didn’t go our way and once that momentum shifted, we lost our grip on the game.

Bailllie brought a huge amount of experience to the Aviators, and his physicality was integral to his side throughout the series. 

“The whole tournament proved a battle of attrition and as a squad we were just hanging in with injures and tiredness. I think with us having to play more games overall and those guys coming in a little late it may just have proved the slight difference. All credit to them though, they played well and congratulations to SX10.”

The Aviators brought their big win against SX10 during the league campaign into the Cup competition, and should be commended for their efforts throughout the last three weeks. 

“Overall we are delighted with how we’ve played over the entire World Tens Series and we’re really proud to have reached the final by upsetting a few teams along the way. It really came together during this final day and I’m really proud of all of the squad.”