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Cory Daniel

‘Go for it and don’t look back’

The inaugural World Tens Series 2020 has seen a mix of established players, individuals forging their path and some raw talent ready to take the opportunity that has been presented to them.

Ten players were awarded contracts through the rugby combines trials that took place at the IMG Academy in August of this year. Cory Daniel was one crossover athlete to excel in Florida and was selected to represent the SX10 squad.

“I participated in the Tiger Rugby combines back in August and performed well enough to earn myself a contract” said Daniel.

“James Walker and Paul Holmes sat me down and talked to me about my background and where I was from and they thought the perfect fit for me would be to work with Frankie Horne and play for SX10. Frankie gave me a call and the rest is history.”

Daniel comes from a wrestling and football background but shone in wrestling whilst at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management and Society.

“I wrestled there for five years and once I graduated my coach Tony Ramos helped me get into rugby. He knew Dan Payne (the former US Eagle) and I haven’t looked back since.”

The former wrestler was on the books of Old Glory DC for the 2020 MLR season which was some feat given the limited amount of rugby experience he had, as he explains.

“I have been playing rugby for one year and three months and the transition has been good, it has been bumpy at times, but it has been good.

“I was told last year that wrestlers make the best rugby players, so I just ran with that. The work at the break down and tackling are elements of the game I really enjoy and perhaps come more naturally to me. I’m still working on my attack, passing and catching, but it is all coming along.”

It took a while for SX10 to make their first World Tens Series appearance, but when they did, they produced some scintillating passages of play.

“We went three from four in our first day of play, but I think we can be better. I don’t think we played to our potential against the Aviators and we lost that one and the guys know that too. We will put that one behind us and focus on the WTS Cup on Saturday.”

The crossover athlete has worked hard to earn the right to pay in the World Tens and would recommend athletes, that may find themselves at a crossroads, giving rugby a go.

“I didn’t know I was going to play rugby last year, I was trying to get back into football and then I found rugby, so if you have that athletic ability and drive, just go for it, go for it and don’t look back.” Do you want to join the World Tens Series? We are looking for players, like Cory, with X Factor. We are canvassing the world for the best players! If you have the determination and skill, we want to chat with you. Submit your player profile to our team scouts. Click here to get more information.