Latest NewsLondon Royals win the 2020 World Tens Series League

London Royals win the 2020 World Tens Series League

The London Royals lifted the World Tens Series League Trophy at the end of day two after they topped the league standings and confirmed their place as number on seeds for the WTS Cup this Saturday.

The Royals won two of their three matches on day two, losing out to the Asia Pacific Dragons in the final game of the day.

Richard de Carpentier was voted most valuable player by the World Tens Series commentary team with Tom Emery the league’s top point scorer with 62.

Day two saw SX10 make their long-awaited Series entrance and the men from Africa didn’t disappoint. Kenyan flier Collins Injera ran on to a long pass from Cecil Afrika to get them on the scoreboard after less than two minutes against the Rhinos. The Kenyan got a brace of tries and Luke Treharne raced away for a fantastic individual score to give Frankie Horne’s side a bonus point win to start. The Royals edged past the Aviators in game one and then a depleted Miami Sun squad mustered all their energy and strength to claim a 20-12 win over the Asia Pacific Dragons.

Miami and Ohio Aviators went head to head in the first World Tens Series shoot-out. With the game tied at full time at 17-17, after Canadian second row Josh Larsen produced an outrageous cross field kick for perhaps the try of the day, Matt Turner, representing Miami and Ben Cima went head to head. They matched each other kick for kick over eight rounds before Turner landed a conversion from the far-left touchline. With Cima unable to make his attempt, the three match points went to the Sun.

SX10 had seven points taken off them in their match score against Phoenix for having 11 players on the field, but it was uncostly as they continued their fine form to record a 30-0 victory. Rhinos got back to winning ways with a spirited 11-5 victory over the Asia Pacific Dragons after three straight defeats.

The Royals despatched of Phoenix in the opening match of session three before the Rhinos scraped home against Miami. Matt Turner scored in the corner and opted for the two-point conversion to level the scores, but his effort went wide of the posts Rhinos prevailed. Aviators produced a fine performance to hand SX10 their first defeat of the day, Tiaan Loots and John Sullivan scoring the tries.

Rhinos made it three wins from four with an 18-5 victory over Phoenix before the SX10 recorded the biggest points total of the day, defeating Miami Sun 42-5. The Asia Pacific Dragons scored a late try in a come-from-behind win against the Royals, Tomasi Alosio scoring a mesmerizing try. It didn’t matter though as the Royals had enough league points on the board to ensure a top spot finish. Attention turns to the WTS Cup this Saturday in a straight knock out tournament. As the number one seeds, London Royals get a bye to the semi-finals.

Quarter Final Fixtures

  • Ohio Aviators v Miami Sun
  • Rhinos v Phoenix
  • Asia Pacific Dragons v SX10
Session 1

Ohio Aviators: 12

Tries: Blewitt (3), Tongauiha (9); Conversions: Cima (2 pointer)

London Royals: 13

Tries: Mitchell (6), Emery (18); Conversions: Emery (1 point, 2 pointer)

Asia Pacific Dragons: 12

Tries: Saunitoga (8), Fa’anana-Schultz (13); Conversions: Bell (2 pointer)

Miami Sun: 20

Tries: O’Keefe (1, 19), Sok (10); Conversions: Turner (2 pointer, 2 pointer, 1 point)

Rhinos: 5

Tries: Regan (15)


Tries: Injera (2, 7), Treharne (19); Conversions: Jackson (2 pointer, 2 pointer, Jackson 5 pointer)

Session 2

Miami Sun: 17 (Miami Sun win on penalty shoot-out)

Tries: Sok (2), Turner (12), Knoop (15); Conversions: Turner (2 pointer)

Ohio Aviators: 17

Tries: Hattingh (6), Feakes (19); Conversions: Cima (2 pointer, 5 pointer)

Phoenix: 0

SX10: 30 (SX10 had seven points taken off for fielding 11 players for a period of time)

Tries: McNulty (9, 12, 16), Injeras (19); Conversions: Jackson (2 pointer, 5 pointer, 5 pointer, 5 pointer)

Asia Pacific Dragons: 5

Tries: Saunitoga (19)

Rhinos: 11

Tries: Kindregan (14), Naposki (17); Conversions: Winnaar (1 point)

Session 3

London Royals: 32

Tries: Neal (2), Emery (9), Norton (16), Northcote-Green (19); Conversions: Emery (2 pointer, 5 pointer, 5 pointer)

Phoenix: 0

Miami Sun: 12

Tries: du Toit (1), Turner (19); Conversions: Turner (2 pointer)

Rhinos: 14

Tries: Te’o (6), Kindregan (11); Conversions: Te’o (2 pointer, 2 pointer)

Ohio Aviators: 14

Tries: Loots (3), Sullivan (8); Conversions: Cima (2 pointer, 2 pointer)

SX10: 10

Tries: Van Zyl (18), Ambaka (19)

Session 4

Rhinos: 18

Tries: Regan (2), Te’o (6), Leonard (19)

Conversions: Te’o (2 pointer, 1 pointer)

Phoenix: 5

Tries: Murphy (9)

Miami Sun: 5

Tries: O’Keefe (4)

SX10: 42

Tries: Afrika (2), Jackson (7, 10), Dennis (13, 14), Hunt (17); Conversions: Jackson (2 pointer, 2 pointer, 5 pointer), Treharne (2 pointer), Wallace-Sims (1 pointer)

Asia Pacific Dragons: 27

Tries: Schoeman (8), Alosio (9), Samisoni (19); Conversions: Bell (5 pointer, 5 pointer, 2 pointer)

London Royals: 21

Tries: Neal (4, 13), Elan-Puttick (16); Conversions: Emery (5 pointer), Elan-Puttick (1 point)