Latest NewsRyno’s Rhinos privileged to be in top spot ahead of Round two

Ryno’s Rhinos privileged to be in top spot ahead of Round two

Played five, won five, the Rhinos result card after round one of the World Tens Series League. Their faultless displays put them in top spot with one round of the League to play. If they can remain in this position, they will capture the World Tens Series league and be number one seeds for the WTS Cup on Saturday 7 November.

It is certainly not a position they want to relinquish but appreciate that they are the team to beat when the Series gets underway again tomorrow morning.

“It is a nice position to be in when you are the target,” said Combrinck.

“It’s a good thing to be there and it is a privilege to be in this position. How long it will last, we are not sure, but we take it as a compliment. We know and accept that it is not going to be as easy the second time around. Two teams will be fresh coming in and we have a tough schedule, so it is not going to be easy, but we are up for the challenge.”

The first event last week was in Ryno’s words ‘brilliant’, not just because of his side’s performances, but how it was run.

“Everything from the medical side, the officiating, and the organisation was brilliant. The tournament itself was enjoyable, even without spectators, so I can only see the vibe getting even better when fans are in attendance.

 “It was very pleasing to be on the winning side, there were some massive duals, but even without the win it would have been a pleasing experience.”

There were quite a few areas where his side excelled, but the South African feels that the bond his squad have formed off the pitch, allowed them to be united in one particular area of the game.

“Make no mistake, we went to great lengths to try and connect the players and make sure they were on the same page. Off the field they have bonded, and it is a big compliment to who they are as people that they connected so quickly.

“They say there is no I in team, but I believe there is an I in team because it is a bunch of individuals that need to align to form a team.  They can really be commended for how they stuck together and the sign of their relationship over a short period of time was there defensive effort, they really had to put their bodies on the line together.”

That team culture has been evident both on the training field and off it as the squad’s beach clean at Tobacco Bay showcases.

“Rugby has an opportunity to be an amazing vehicle to inspire on and off the field. The thinking behind it was pure, I’ve got a bit of history in regards to being a bit of a litter bug and I thought it was appropriate for a team being welcomed incredibly well by the amazing people we have met here, to go and give something back.

“This was our opportunity to take the boys out and contribute in a small way to this amazing island.”

Round two of the World Tens Series League gets underway at the Bermuda National Sports Complex tomorrow (Monday 2 November).

Coverage will be live across the following channels/platforms
  • Sky Sports Mix in UK/Ireland
  • ESPN + in USA
  • ESPN Play in the Caribbean and Latin America
  • ESPN App in Brazil
  • ESPN Linear network in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Terrestrial TV in Bermuda
  • World Tens Series YouTube channel for ROW