Latest NewsWorld Tens Series to feature seven teams in 2020

World Tens Series to feature seven teams in 2020

The inaugural World Tens Series taking place in Bermuda across October and November will now feature seven teams from around the world. 

The eighth franchise lined up to take part in the 2020 World Tens was coming from South America. However, with the current global pandemic escalating in the region and the need to respect and protect the island of Bermuda, the decision was taken by all parties to withdraw for 2020. 

The format for the series will be adjusted to accommodate the seven franchises participating. Tournaments one and two, taking place across consecutive weekends from 24 October, will now be a league format, with each team playing each other twice across the weekend. The team with the most wins across the two series tournaments will win the World Tens League Title 2020 and be seeded number one for the WTS Cup. 

The WTS Cup will be a knock-out play-off taking place on 7 November. The League Title winner and, number one seed, will receive a bye straight through to the semi-finals with the remaining six teams competing in a quarter final match. Two Semi-finals and a Final will follow where the WTS Cup 2020 will be awarded to the winning team. 

The seven confirmed franchises for the World Tens Series 2020 are SX1O (Cape Town), Asia Pacific Dragons (Singapore), Phoenix (Middle East), London Royals (London), Miami Sun (Florida), Rhinos (Southern California) and Ohio Aviators (Columbus)