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Interview With Bermuda Tourism

 The World Tens Series is coming to the adventurous and welcoming island of Bermuda. Rugby stars will wow the rugby world with action packed ten-a-side rugby tournament played over a three-week period. Eight international privately owned teams, two groups of four, island rugby and one champion. It is all going down over the next few weeks. 

 Joining us to discuss the World Tens Series in Bermuda 2020 is Hazel Clark- Director of Sports Business Development, Bermuda Tourism Authority and three-time US Olympian Track and Field 

There will be local activations in Bermuda and plenty of fan engagement opportunities, how do you see the World Tens Series growing the game of rugby in Bermuda? 

The game of Rugby in Bermuda is pretty well established here. Bermuda boasts numerous teams and we have hosted the World Rugby Classic for over 30 years. We know that the fan engagement this series provides will ensure a positive participant experience which  is a mutual priority for the World Tens Series and the BTA Sports Business Development team.  We also hope that this event will inspire the younger generation of Bermudians  to become involved in sports as a player or business representative. There are numerous life changing opportunities sports provide which I can personally attest to.    

What is the attraction of hosting the World Tens Series in Bermuda and how will this event impact on tourism in the island? 

Significant amount of room nights to the destination after it has been closed for an extended period 

Helping to get our hospitality workers back to work 

Showcasing that Bermuda is open and that we are a safe destination as said by the CDC, ETC, etc.  

Highlighting that Bermuda can put on world class events, in the midst of pandemic and in short time frames 

Will Bermuda become a ‘rugby destination’ as a result of the World Tens Series? 

The World Rugby tens will highlight the point that Bermuda is already a rugby destination. . Each new partnership and event we develop punctuates our sports capabilities and credibility.  

Please explain to us the planning and preparation which has been put in place for the tournament to ensure a safe environment for players and fans? 

Liaising with Govt to ensure the proper certificates, testing etc 

Extensive protocols developed by the World Tens  

Collaboration with local sports governing bodies   The presentation of Covid-19 best practices other organizers have successfully employed 

What is your message in welcoming the world to the World Tens Series Bermuda 2020?

Bermuda takes great pride in it’s warm hospitality, impressive sports resume and superior infrastructure. We see sports tourism as a valuable opportunity to introduce a new segment of visitors to Bermuda.  

What is your message to all the players and fans? 

We are diligently focused on putting protocols and procedures in place which will ensure all players, fans and spectators can enjoy the sports and athletes they love worry free.   

What legacy does Bermuda hope to create by hosting the first ever World Tens Series? 

We hope that this partnership will be a long-term relationship and leave the island with significant economic benefits,  inspire future generations of athletes and promote the growth of our local sports services.  We

leave each event we host with new learnings which enable us to be a better sports destination than before. We feel confident this opportunity will be no different. 

Please explain to us the relationship between the World Tens Series organisation and the Bermuda Tourism Authority and how both organisations are working together to ensure an epic tournament. 

 The Bermuda Tourism Authority has a dedicated sports team which provides services and support to ensure that organizers have a seamless and hassle-free experience hosting their events on our island. Our passionate and competent team can assist with accommodations, ground transportation and key introductions to potential vendors and partners.  

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to three weeks of action-packed rugby in the adventurous and welcoming island of Bermuda.  

We look forward to it too.  See you on the rock!