Latest NewsWorld Tens Series to host “player first” approach

World Tens Series to host “player first” approach

Personal Development Programme workshops in Bermuda

The World Tens Series will ensure that players have all resources required in order to excel in the new Rugby Tens format on and off the field.

The first ever World Tens Series tournament gets underway in the adventurous island of Bermuda from the 24 October until 07 November 2020.

Eight international privately-owned teams will compete in a round-robin format which will be followed by quarterfinals, semifinals and finals rugby to be played over three rounds.

The World Tens Series organization will hold Player Development Programmes throughout the tournament and this will be led by PRP and a Personal Development Manager on site to lead sessions for all players.

Players and team management will take part in workshops which will include topics such as – anti corruption, anti-doping, better understanding of contracts and expectations as a professional athlete.

World Tens Series at the forefront of player welfare

Creating inspiration during uncertain times

Aayden Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

Pacific Rugby Players

“We have worked closely with the WTS organization as they have developed and put in place their policies for player welfare, structures, laws, governance, and COVID protocols. As a Player Association, it’s great to see these player welfare aspects are developed in the fabric of such a new exciting competition, and not just an afterthought. This is particularly timely, and very welcome, with the impact COVID has had on countless players career’s and livelihoods, and contracts being reduced and canceled on a daily basis across the rugby world. So this is a great opportunity for not only our 7s and XVs Pacific Island players, but also so many from across the world to gain a contract in one of the new teams. Any well planned and player welfare focused new initiative which offers players with opportunities is welcomed and supported.”

‘Players want to compete in the World Tens Series’ Dan Norton, former England 7s player

 “I am really excited about this new Series. The Tens format will bring 7s and XVs players together on the same pitch – and will be a real feast for sports fans. I know there are a lot of players who have committed themselves to be in the player pool and hope to be selected by one of the new Team Ownership groups. If the opportunity presents itself Bermuda will be a real hit.”

What is Rugby Tens?

Rugby Tens is ten-a-side rugby made for all shapes and sizes played over two ten minute halves with a two minute halftime break which makes for fast paced rugby action and it is the perfect mix of rugby 15’s tactics to go with the pace of rugby 7’s.

The conversion jeopardy rule adds excitement with points being awarded to teams based on the zone where the kicker takes the conversion from and matches will never end in a draw with a match play shootout on the cards if games are all level at the final whistle.

All out strength, pace and power required for Rugby Tens

Rugby Tens looks for players who are at the top of their game and the nature and speed of the game requires speed, strength, power and skill to go with teamwork and tactical vision.

Grotto Bay resort to host all eight teams

All teams competing at the World Tens Series in Bermuda 2020 will stay at the 21 acre Grotto Bay resort where they will have their own private beach and plenty of culture and banter will be shared between the teams.

World Tens Series 2021 and beyond 

2021 will see the World Tens Series run over a four month season where the tournament will be expanded to include 16 teams playing in 12 world class cities throughout the world and each location will host the tournament for one week.

Points are awarded to every team based on their performances in each tournament and the team with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned World Tens Series Champions.

The World Tens Series promises to be the #EvolutionOfRugby

Welcome to #NextLevelRugby