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Holmes at the helm

Expect plenty of talent to emerge at World Tens Series

The World Tens Series organisation has passionate rugby fans who have helped develop rugby all over the world and fans can expect plenty of new talent to emerge at the World Tens Series under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer, Paul Holmes.

Holmes is the co-founder of Tiger Rugby, a rugby academy in the USA which in partnership with IMG Academy offers rugby players the opportunity to tour the world and play rugby on their Combines Tour.

Tiger Rugby Academy is unique in that Holmes has managed to unearth talent from all over the world, players who have not managed to get game time at their previous clubs have found a home at Tiger Rugby.

Holmes and the World Tens Series organisation are all about player welfare and creating player opportunities and this is how Holmes has been able to build successful teams and confident players throughout his career.

Holmes has a holistic approach to developing rugby talent and he looks at the players personality beyond the field in order to ensure that the player has all the attributes required to succeed at the highest level.

The remarkable rugby story of Paul Holmes combines with the World Tens Series to take rugby to the next level.