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The dawn of World Tens is here. New Rules, A game faster than most are used to while maintaining easy to follow structure.

Welcome to the Pro World Tens Series.
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ABOUT the World Tens Rugby series

What is the world Tens series

The World Tens Series is an International, Professional Rugby Tens Tournament. Privately owned teams tour the globe competing in pools and knockouts.

The first-ever World Tens Series tournament gets underway in Bermuda on 24 October 2020 until 07 November 2020 and from 2021 the tournament will be expanded to include 16 teams competing in tournaments in 12 locations throughout the world.

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Bermuda 2020


Eight international privately-owned teams will be participating in the first-ever World Tens Series in Bermuda.

From 2021 there will be 16 teams participating in the league.

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    How many players per team

    Rugby Tens consists of ten players per team competing against each other in two ten-minute halves with a two-minute halftime break.

    What to expect

    Expect plenty of offloads, sidesteps and tries with each game consisting of two ten-minute halves with a two-minute halftime break.

    How many players in a squad

    16 players are selected from a 20-man squad throughout each match with unlimited rolling substitutions allowed throughout each match.

    Conversion points

    Conversion jeopardy with the conversion after the try ensures that the conversion is now worth between 1 and 5 points depending where the kicker selects which zone to kick from.

    Can a match end in a draw

    No match will be a draw with the excitement of a match play shoot-out if the game is all tied up after 20 minutes.

    Tens world series 2021

    The Tens World Series will continue to wow spectators in 2021 with 16 teams set to compete in 12 tournaments across the world.

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    Bermuda sets the scene

    The location

    Bermuda sets the scene for an epic first World Tens Series tournament. The first World Tens series tournament takes place in the welcoming and adventurous island of Bermuda from the 25 October 2020 until 07 November 2020.

    Bermuda is a British territory located in the North Atlantic ocean and the island is known for its pink sand beaches and come the 07 November 2020 the World Tens Series will create a rugby legacy with new stories of inspiration and future stars of the game set to bring flair and passion to Bermuda.

    All eight teams will stay at the 21-acre Grotto Bay in Tuckers Town where they will have their own private beach, a fitness centre and plenty of off field activities to look forward to including water sports.

    the stadium For the world tens series

    where will the games take place

    Games will take place at the Bermuda National Stadium in Devonshire which is an eighteen-minute drive from Grotto Bay.

    The Bermuda National Stadium is the home to Bermuda’s national football, field hockey, athletics, cricket, rugby and swim teams and is recognized by FIFA, IAAF, ICC, FINA, and FIH international sporting bodies as an official competition venue.

    the world tens series award

    the trophy

    2020 is the year of great global adversity and challenges for all. It is also the inaugural World Tens Series launch and the year that we proudly introduce the WTS Cup. For years to come, the WTS Cup will be considered as one of the most prestigious accolades in modern rugby.

    world tens series

    the appeal of tens rugby

    World Tens Athletes


    The World Tens Series boasts some of the most exciting stars and up and coming athletic talent in Rugby. Think older, experienced juggernauts of the game, bordering on retirement, mixing it up with young, hungry go-getters. Throw in a few stalwart journeymen who have played at all levels and disciplines of the game. The Tens format attracts all types of players and is the one true Rugby format that draws talent from far and wide, be it Union, League, Sevens or even American Football.

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    "Tens is fast paced, with extra space but plenty of room for big forwards as well, so in that way it sets it apart from 15’s and 7s."

    former All Blacks captain and Toulon and Blues coach Tana Umaga

    World Tens series

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